Close Your Eyes

Thu, 04/18/2013 - 23:33 -- KylaMC


United States
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If we close our eyes, we are all the same,
No battles or differences to be found there.
But we live with our eyes open,
Not truly seeing as we should, only judging.
Hate clouds our mind, guides are actions.
From racial slurs to homophobic remarks,
To being pushed around in the hallway and menacing threats.
Words are thrown around carelessly.
Words used to describe something we don’t like,
But have such a different meaning.
Those words could end somebody’s life.
So let’s simply close our eyes, and accept.

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This is a really good one! I especially love the first three lines, and I feel you about the words people throw around. I'd love more imagery (like, what we close our eyes to), but overall it's a powerful idea. Kudos for such a great post!

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