Close Best Friend, So Far Away

Sun, 12/10/2017 - 16:09 -- TJAIM29

Dear Best Friend, 

We started so many years ago

when methods of communication were slow. 

In the neighborhood we ran and played oh so freely,

day by day actually, weekly.

Elementary, middle and high schools we traveled,

walking and riding together, never fathomed it'd unravel. 

Laughter filled the air with smiles from coast to coast.

I'm here, you're here still so near and close;

although far from how we used to boast.  

Manifesting ever changing methods to keep up with most. 

We hold it in our hands, sit and stare, 

to maintain our connections and our aware. 

Appearing right before my eyes,

my imagination wanders in disguise.

What do you look like? How do you sound? 

Bright pixelled colors, no flaws or imperfections found. 

What about the makeup and mirror days?

When we manicured one another. 

It frightens me, makes me lonely and full of pother.

By the push of a few soft petals

on a handheld creation with complicated metals.

By the slippery slide of a finger 

sometimes not even the sound of a ringer.

Reality, there's no more. 

It's gone through the technology door. 

I miss you dearly although you're so close and we connect day to day.

Social media has changed the pace 

of things. I now cant see your face. 

I miss what we had just the other day.

Close best freind, so far away. 


-Far Away Friend


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