The Clock Clicks

With my prominent chin,

Dyed hair,

And closed lips,

I glanced at my stepsister.


Tlick - Tlock

Tlick - Tlock


Behind my mother’s back,

I cleaned off the stain

On her porcelain cheek.

I wiped off

The sweat above her brow.


Tlick - Tlock

Tlick - Tlock


As she laid in bed,

The tears started to run down.

Under the dim lights

I mended the ruined clothes.


Tlick - Tlock

Tlick - Tlock


As I departed the house,

I glanced back to see

Her hands clenched

Around the fitted gown.

She smiled.


Tlick - Tlock

Tlick - Tlock


Now I see her,

On the center stage

In an age-old dress and leather shoes.

Even so,

She shined far above the rest.

As the moon gleamed

She continued to dance with the prince.


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