The Clock


Black digits above the door,

 Like a guard above the exit.

Why do you take so long to change?

I can’t wait to get out.

This staring is giving me a headache.

The pain I feel is described in one word, hell


Why are you looking at me?

 Time thinks.  I ain’t a mirror. I’m not silver.

You look at me as if I where a girl.

As if I where here to rock your world.

Get a watch,

I’m getting tired of you starring at my black digits.

Stop checking me out.


You act like I’m on display at a museum,

When so many people come to see ‘um

As if I were a golden diamond

But I’m only keeping timein’.


Why are you still watching me?

What are you waiting to see?

Didn’t I tell you to stop?

Uhhh… now I feel like a cop!


You act like I’m on fire!

Stop looking! I ain’t a liar

When will this day end?

But I fear tomorrow will be like this again!


How much longer left to go

Tell these kids get up and go!

How much longer will I have to suffer pain?

That not even the greatest god can tame.


I think I might go insane

Then someone walks in

Maybe to save me for 10

He staggers up with his wooden Cain.


“Excuse me maim,” he says “I’m here to take your clock, cuz it has done stopped.”


He takes me now down from the door

And out the room we continue to soar.

Into the closet here we go.

He placed me on the shelf like so

And out the door he did go


And I’ve been here ever since

With the mouse (who has no common sense)

He tells me stories how everyone did leave

And we were left I grieve


Now we are here tell my last tick tock

This is me, I am the clock



I wrote this poem in my freshmen year of high school. please be honest about the quality. i am hoping to send this poem in my portfolio for SCAD. please give pointers if you dont think it is good. thank yall!


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