Cloaked Intuition

Mon, 06/12/2017 - 00:09 -- fnydera

I shall condone in your game of foolery to lead

Those in close vicinity down the winding path

Of the secrets and the truths

All things produced in our time to satisfy

Keep the young mind at bay from growth

They say we are of eccentric lifestyles

Simply because we are beginning to awaken

No longer trying to stay hidden in shadows

Yet the daily updates keep you reeled in

The latest apps causing worldwide foible

Youth constantly being knocked off track

It be only through the graces that we are able

To reestablish ourselves as an entity

Since exposure to the buried truths

Intuitions are heightened to new levels

Society is not the friend of those with knowledge

Not the math, or history, or science

But the knowledge that we understand the power

The power of social media and its roles played

Our eyes will not stay cloaked to such atrocities

We must stay aware of moving pieces on the board

Although it is not time to make a full approach

Be sure to research and always understand

Uncloaked instinct is not better than

Cloaked intuition full of knowledge

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My community
Our world


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