The Cliff

There is a cliff. 

We are all on the same cliff yet on our own. 

Behind us an insurmountable wall of joys and pains. 

Ahead of us an abyss of unknown depth.  

And under our feet a thin layer of rock that we are unsure can support us.

There are three main options. 

Some choose to stare into the wall behind them ignorant to the cliff. 

Others stand on the cliff afraid unsure of what to do. 

Fear begins to set in when you realize that the wall is moving, pushing you to the cliff. 

But each time you approach the abyss another sheet of rock extends saving you. 

But those who truly know those who succeed are those of us who jump. 

Realizing there is nothing to be afraid of, whatever it is can't be worse than this cliff of fear.

And when you finally do jump with faith and love, you realize that you had wings the whole time. 





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