Click Clack Pow


United States
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Living in a society that bred me to be evil.
Walk past my own mama and act like I never even seen her.
Cheater, never gave a damn about the rules.
Constricted by the tools they gave me to be a fool.
Click clack pow- Oops there goes another one.
Helpless 3 year old girl sitting in the yard just having fun.
See me, I grew up a screw up. Ditched school, too much.
Too much for even the society that bred me to be cru-el.
Lot of gang banging, all my people throw your G up.
Click clack pow- Oops there goes another one.
Baby surprise God ain’t telling when you done.
Walk past her body and act like it wasn’t n’un to a thug. What’s up.
Seen my homie chilling on the block
Heard a few shots, started running and here come the cops
Ducking through blocks, trying to find my way home.
But mama was gone, 16 years old in a world all alone.
Postponed, all the bad things I learned.
Went and got a mentor that taught me right from wrong.
Graduated from high school and left behind the crap
Oh snap, filled out all my college papers and I’m on the right track.
Click clack pow- Oops there goes another one
A girl sitting in her college classroom when a man sprays it with bullets
Now I guess the stories done…



Made up last minute. Hope y'all like it. Untraditional writing.

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