Mon, 04/17/2017 - 19:26 -- BN15

One click of the remote and I’m no longer here

every doubt and fear disappears.  My life is erased and I’m in a whole knew place.  Where life still isn’t fair, but I can know the bad before I get there.  I can know every feeling that will come my wayand how long it will stay. One click and I stop itI don’t have to watch it.  I can get away fast.With no questions asked.  Then another click and I’m in a new placewith a whole new set of faces.  Sometimes I wish this is how life could bejust passing from story to story so freely.  Click.It’s that quick.Click. I get to pick.Click. I act like if life was what I want it to be then I would actually feel free. I act like I want control,but I know it will leave me even less whole.  So, You hold on to the remote tightand I’ll do my best not to fightcause when I do nothing turns out right. 

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