Clearer The Eye

Have you noticed that the clouds move fast when there's no wind

did you know that they move slow when thunder breaks upon

the mist that is so soft can rise or can decend

they know what coarse is right so either way they've won


if life is chasing you, let it be the one thats fast

take in every moment and let every moment last

for every step that's taken and every breath thats giving

the time to know the time to see was when you started living


be truthful to your skin and dedicated to your roots

the tree is grounded to the earth and the bark protects the loots

every thing that has no barcode is the greatest of the treasures

love and happiness is something that cant be measured


dont force the cat to love the mouse

dont make the priest build a three story house

have sense enough to know what is right

have as much love as the soilder who fights


fight for a cause or dont fight at all

if its not one hundred percent then surely youll fall

dont feel sorry feel strong

the days get shorter when nights are long


love them with all that you can

love yourself from the feet up through the hands

only show who you really are and there will be the key

open up the door so you can truely see







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