Constant stares when my arms are bare, because of unwanted blemishes there. The hurt, the pain, affecting daily life. Countless others go through the same strife. Passed down to children who didn't ask for it. This is no way to clear every bit. Perfect skin is what is expected. No use in applying for some jobs; I might get rejected. The food industry doesn't want someone with open sores. This leads me to closed doors. Skin cracking and bleeding is my cross to bear. Sometimes what life hands us doesn't seem fair. Dermatology Immunology may solve my problem. If I study to understand diseases and what causes them. So many creams, so many pills. Never escaping multiple medical bills. My mom and me, fighting the battle together. Looking for a cure to make it better. The numerous tears have made me stronger. I want to think people like me won't feel the pain much longer. The sun has always been my enemy. Sunshine is something I hate to see. If I work and find something to help my skin; I might be able to enjoy the sun again. I want to work where my passion lies. This is something that took me a while to recognize. People tried to tell me what to do, but it is my choice what I want to pursue. I am ready for all the work it will take. My determination is something no one can break. I am ready for the change. The plan to get there is pretty long range. Graduate, college, study and achieve. I know I can do it if I believe.


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