Clear and Present Danger Test



These prophets are profiting from our consciousness.

These prophets are extincting our autonomous

confidence in the future that the stars created.

They pray over fires that burn green

exhaling smokescreen that cloak fate and provenance.

History repeats itself because history is not educated.

From civil wars to class war and somehow

nobody to account for why somehow it seems that

the universe created us to segregate us.

Last I checked that wasn't listed in the voting booth.

Last I checked we're still getting enlisted

creating combat with too many countries

that much is still apparent.

We hold these truths to be self-evident,

that all men are created equal.

Here's a proverb:


Power to the people

Power to the people


The people have many names. They are many things.

Lover. Worker. Writer, Sister and Brother.

Teacher. Creator. Liberator. Thinker.

We are the hook, line and sinker

of ecclesiastical modes and our souls explode .

You see, the people around you are walking

talking colliding galaxies. Love creates big bangs,

gives birth to new universes

Still we wear bar-codes. We walk in numbers.

Disposable. Written on the postcards of fading constitutions.

Patriot-acted in a musical theater of frozen orchestras.


I have the right to remain silent in a world among tyrants

I'm on a diet from power struggles, I assure you

these thoughts are violent, confident in challenging the future

taking a choke hold on this bitch Miranda

rights, making suitors of those who rest in the palms of congress

I won't promise that I'll be silent in the face of the court system

until the war is done and the poor listened to


until other points of view are realized and equal to

all that is meant to be equal and true

common sense is not so common with reference to:


Walmart. Monsanto. NSA. FCC.

Nero. Pasha. Stalin. Mussolini

The NDAA. Martial Law.

Leaders like Hitler. Sung. Jong. Heydrich. Hussein.

I'll go ahead and say Bin Laden even though 9/11 was an inside job.

Congress. House.

Chief Justice. Senate.

Every torture tactic invented and blood-stained moment of time.

To the Red, White, and blue hue

that was lost in the making of this nation.


It starts with the assassinations of

too many good martyrs of truth.

Here's a funny correlation, they devote a whole damn day to MLK

but you know the FBI pulled a John Wilkes Booth.

Without grievance, they feed us this pledge of allegiance

while we got rapists on parole and good people locked up

for committing some civil disobedience.

So here is my dirge

that's a lament for the dead

in the form of song or poem, it's a freedom of expression

except that very meaning is what's bleeding

in this prepubescent country

until we make the next transgression.


So here's a voice to the voiceless

cause there's a prohibition on sedition

and it's my mission to inform you

that our actions are bulletproof.

Abort this current nation.

Abolish all false information.

Abolish the worn-down workers, so the Gods in them

can finally take form again in their eyes

as it once did when toasting to the sun of youth.

Destruction to creation will fascinate this fascist nation

to wake up and realize

that there might be some kind of truth.

One that hasn't deserted you.

Here's a proverb:


Power to the people.

Power to the people.


Except We The People is a fucking joke

until every white collar elite is atomized and deleted

to a new and improved subatomic particle with the previous defeated

commencing a collected commission replacing servitude

replacing corporate greed with conscious magnitude.

Atomic bombs will have no chemistry for the future.


Here it is:


THIS IS the clear and present danger test

of Constitutional and common fundamental rights

that commence from our flesh

cling to the bosom of the higgs boson.

Never forget that we are stars.

Never forget that what we breath is what we are.

We are gods. We are infinite heavenly bodies.

So how can the basic necessities of living be privilege?


THIS IS a prayer to the powers that I am.

Even as individuals we are strong.

Drop words like bombs, take the apple from the tree.


Expect defiance. There is no room for genocide.

The blind eye of yesterday has been identified.

THIS IS a pledge of allegiance to the new pledge of the alliance.


Power to the people.

Power to the people.


So SLAM. BAM. Thank you, Uncle Sam

for this is the final exam as

there's a new star-spangled banner,

and it demands that we finally be free.


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Our world


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