You stand at the front of the room.

You talk on and on about all the work we need to get done.

Can we work yet?

You keep talking. Explaining things we already know for the third time.

Nobody has any questions, you're just repeating yourself. 

Can we work yet?

You reword the instructions we didn't need told again.

With the rewording you've come up with different tangents.

Can we work yet? 

You start talking about when you were learning the things we're learning. 

You basically say the things that you already explained three times and reworded. 

Can we work yet?

20 minutes have passed. We only have an hour in the computer lab.

You're still standing at the front of the board, rambling on.

Can we work yet?

You finally see the time. We finally go down to the lab.

I log on, turn on my music, I'm all ready to go. 

Can we work yet?

I finally get to what you told us to work on. Then you start talking. 

You explain what the assignment is for the fourth time. I'm ready to scream.

Can we work yet?

You get mad when we don't pay attention but you won't let us work. 

You keep talking every couple of minutes. The clock is ticking. 

Can we work yet?

We finally get to work. We're all focused and typing. 

The bell rings, and now we have homework.

You're yelling at us how we didn't get our work done.


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