Classroom 101


Shouting at knowledge upon the platform of a school auditorium

Where my eyes become translucent and bestow the forbidden truth of the fetus cradled inside the womb of my brain-the bastard child of unused reason

The coiled placenta slowly seeps nutrients to my soul and unveils clarity

Among the arithmetic problems and legendary star-crossed lover novels, the blind follow dogma and instruction without question

The two intertwined burn to spread toxic fumes to the seed within me that craves for me simply


Of the misplaced souls on foreign soil, who are silenced under the harsh croaks of Taliban officials that forbid education

Or the 1,000 women who are murdered every year by the dagger of abuse, otherwise known as “love”

My heart strings are violently plucked and resonate sound

Vibrations run throughout my hollow body that has become immune to news headlines that only validate the world will not change

I am stuck in these classrooms that reek of restrained untrained untouched talent, which if placed in the world would glisten like scintillating lights in New York City nights

There is no x found in the formula as the world is amiss of leaders

Running rampant with fools who preach of change but refuse to spend more than a cent on the masses

Transformation is required from the upcoming youth, but we aren’t trained correctly in having our noses dug in textbooks

Knock God off his throne because the destiny of the world is in your hands, I pant

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I look up to realize there is no crowd and I am back at square one

Back to the place where I belong

Classroom 101


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