The only Arnold I know always had a “hey” in front.

Helga would call him football head

But instead,

He was her “love”

Which was weird because her confessions

Turned into obsessions,

Which made me realize that at 9 years old,

She was crazy truth be told.

Can we talk about pokemon?

Was that not the best?

The original was the best.

Not like the rest,

Cause the rest, I’m not impressed.

Cause you can’t beat the past with the very last because the past will always be on top,

On top of the mountain like MoJo JoJo’s layer.

 Buttercup, Bubbles, and the annoying one Blossom. Yeah it was awesome.

But not as awesome as Rocko, cause Rocko just had a modern life as a dog, or a kangaroo or…damn what was he? Oh yeah a wallaby ..I just realized that recently.

Animaniacs and Pinky and the brain

were too insane

to explain

but the show was so good

cause pinky never understood

what was going on…

And Yakko, Wakko, and dot were always on the run,

But they always say “ dot was the adorably cute one.”

Remember Squid from Rocket power?

The newbie

They called shoe bee, because he wore shoes on the beach

And they tried to teach him how to be cool like Otto.

And Otto, had a friend named twister or “Maurice” who hated being called that,

And the fact that Doug funny had a best friend named Skeeter who was blue

Who knew?     

Who would have a thought a dog would be named pork chop?

How quickly I forgot to mention those babies,

Those babies always on the go

But their parents would never know.

Tommy was the leader and always knew, that “a babies gotta do what a babies gotta do”

He was always Brave

But chucky was always afraid

Phil and lil  ate worms

And they quickly learned, that no one could tell them apart

And from the start Angelica was always mean

Never part of their team like Susie

But Susie was just always cool….


We learned that living in the middle of no where is creepy and exciting

But courage was always fighting monster

Real monsters

Like “Ahhh real monsters”


Spongebob so yellow

Squidward being so mellow…dramatic

And clearly he’s had it with

Sponge bob’s games

And he’s put to shame

By how many times he’s failed his driving test

But Patrick is simply the best

Or he’s just simply simple,

But complete opposite of sandy

Who is handy with science and is

Is a master at Karr a tae


Watching invader Zim

This show obviously made me grin

But I’m convinced nothing ever made sense

But I concur

that Gurr

Was just the cutest.


Go Go Power rangers

Stopping danger

Fighting as a team

Like teenage mutant ninja turtles

Just classics

And I’m in class with Miss Frizzle

Who had a magic school bus

That took us

On a ride

To the inside of our bodies

Or Johnny Bravo who thought he was a hootie

To the ladies

But of course that was just talk.

I need magic chalk,

Like rudy to get into chalk zone

And meet with snap

and have a heart attack with all the adventures he’ll take me on.


I’ll never forget watching cat dog

And how odd they were

How confused I was

Because ,

they were attached,

As one

Two heads one body

And oddly

The only thing I thought of was “ how do they use the bathroom?”

I know that’s weird

but hey its just one of those things I wanted to know

but never got to know…







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