Class of 2016

Wed, 06/15/2016 - 03:27 -- ecr3b

The day has come to look back on it all
Seniors, here it is, and it's been a ball

We begin with our childhood, well the days we can remember
Those bundled up days of staying warm in December

Utter excitement replays through gears
That never stopped turning all these years

Let your mind reverse to simpler times
Small pink toes pitter patter across kitchen floors
Barely tall enough to reach up and open the doors

The first day of school comes from out of the blue
Looking around class to see if you find someone new
We made friends that have come and gone over the years
And I can't look back without fighting the tears

Time flashes forward to Williams Avenue
Lost teeth and broken bones, we had a few
My fondest memories were of the mighty volcano
Running around reckless, almost like a tornado

Middle school always managed to be the worst
There was so much homework you thought you could burst
The highlights had to be guitar and band
A day with Coach Roberts found a way to never be bland

We were told that high school would be so scary
And being a freshman would never be merry
But when eighth grade was over, we were all ecstatic
Who knew that being a high schooler would be so dramatic

I look back at the days I spent with my team
The games against Southside that made you want to scream
But after this year I'll hang up my cleats
And this will be the last time I'll say "Lady Cats on three!"
"One! Two! Three! Lady Cats!"
This is it
But we shouldn't fret
The futures ahead of us are ones we won't forget

Days have flown by
There are tears in our eyes
Cross the stage, just please don't trip
You've made it too far to collapse on your hip
Graduation will be nothing like you will expect
You will miss everyone you grew to love and respect

Ladies and Gentlemen, the class of 2016
Now that schools over, life seems so serene
And of course one day your memories of this place will fade to grey
Because as we once heard in English class
Nothing Gold Can Stay

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