Clandestine Dopamine

My Juliet in the stars,

your touch of a thousand flowers

grazes my skin with honey bee warmth.

I run through the golden countryside

in hopes of seeing your face

among the symphonic winds.

Your bright comets streak my

nighttime sky in glory.

You dance through the dusty sunshine

in the window

while I stand in disbelief

of how a creature such as you

may send my love soaring

into the stratosphere.

The gypsy in you

frees the animal in me.

The ice in my veins

melts at your feet

from your gas light flames.

You make me breathe deeper,

and my heart pounds like porcupine quills

in the silence after your song.

Tell me, how exhausted do you feel

from twirling gracefully through my mind

in every breath I take?

Take my heart and hand,

and together we’ll fly away.

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