Clairvoyant that is what "

Clairvoyant that is what "I" am. As a African "I" sit in deep thought sculpting the future with my magic every day.. And "I" can finally say that my future is bright so right my grandma cancer when away. I can describe myself as a KING or "Negus". Look it up it means "Royal title in the Ethiopian Semitic languages" . What makes me is a fear of a higher being i dont walk around with my crown talking shit. I respect the elders and give thanks and many blessings this molds me and makes me unbreakale. But i came the person today from the help of my Mama.. each day i watched her struggle a single parent and even cry but no father was ever seen in these two black eyes.... But at the end of my days a pray only because i live in Oakland Cali with a crime rate that rising... If i was to be shot dead let my killer learn from e because even a dead tree can still plant another tree...  

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