I’m quiet and go unseen 

It’s truly the best way to really see.


I see the face behind the mask, the one who frowns behind the laugh.

I see the need behind the smile, the one that lies to please the crowd.


So excuse my boring and awkward self,

because I don’t laugh or lie that well,

I try to be so crystal clear but no ones really that sincere. 


And instead of joining their facade,

Id rather sit back and only watch,

It’s kinda sad to know the truth yet not to speak and help the youth, but to be honest I’ve been there before and the only way out is through that door.


A door that opens when the truth is known, where the mask comes off with heart exposed.

A door where you’ll finally find quiet and peace. Where you’ll finally join me to sit down and see.


So yeah, quiet is lonely but it sets you free because you’ll finally be able to truly see. 

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My community
Our world
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