Civil War


United States

Civil War


It’s amazing how quickly your life can be turned inside out

Like a piece of clothing who’s tag has fallen out

I’m not saying it’s for better or for worst

But don’t promise me it’s better when I can feel lifeless while alive... it’s the worst.


No one can ever tell you that what you feel isn’t real just because it isn’t ideal

Me and You, yeah we’re not the same

You can say and do one thing, but you’re to blame

So don’t be ashamed when there is nobody left callin’ out your name

HA, don’t hate the player hate the game

Except hate won and now strangers know your name.


Now look at you, you’re body is lifeless

But don’t mix up worth less with lifeless because they are the opposite

Only the ones who dare to take life knowing they are not God are worth less

You, you’re just lifeless but you were given less of a life because they decided to play you as if your life was worth less than a game of chess.


We knew history would repeat itself, don’t act surprised

So stop asking all these questions like you really expect them to change their minds

If anything, expect worse to come

Because when push comes to shove, we’re the ones who will be shoveling ourselves while they watch from above

Nah, we are our own people now

So pardon me but I refuse to let the sound of gunshots scare me into backing down

You wanna shoot me to show you have power then go ahead

God does forgive but he and we will never forget.

So just let this be a warning to all...


So beware for the next Civil War, because it’s coming this fall...


- A.M

This poem is about: 
My community
My country


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