Civil rights


United States
29° 30' 36.126" N, 81° 13' 7.8096" W

Can a nation divided, come together to undo what’s been done?
Can we go back to where it all begun?
This time, discrimination has been overdone.
Having the rights stripped from each one.
Color shouldn't matter,
But boycotts shatter dreams.
13th, 14th, 15th amendments aided the fight for rights
Gave one special man “a dream”.
The voice of reason in a rough patch
Helped millions get on the right path
Kennedy had the north but the south wouldn't budge,
President Johnson came and brought them with a little nudge.
Times were different, and every bad thing has to come to a halt
Blacks got the rights they deserved and there actually was a happy ending for all, even for those at fault.

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