The City of Love

Tue, 07/03/2018 - 19:52 -- gpena21

A Parisian storm, romantic aromas, wine, cool rain, intoxicating. An interesting place, paradise It can be anywhere.


Strolling through Paris;

streets are filled with the aroma

of blooming roses;

the significance of lovers being wrapped

by the wings of white doves.

Couples come and go like ‘dusk till dawn’.


In a little street café Summer's ending, fall begins Paris, the best place to be. Because of you and nothing else.


As time flows by, cafés are heated

up by each kiss taken upon a croissant

filled with wild desires.


The shimmer of the sun is replaced

by it’s undying lover: the moon.

A peaceful night has flown into action

to illuminate the flirtatious scent

of brewing coffee dancing

around those so called lovebirds.


Don't forget the one place undying

love is officially stitched

together: the Eiffel Tower.

Standing upon the highest terrace

on this magnificent creation;

what a dream come true.


Maybe I'm too late to be your first.

Maybe there other people who suit your criteria most

but I'm preparing myself to be your last.


Talking to you, laughing with you

being with you changes my whole mood


You were you and I was I

we were two before our time

I was yours before I knew

and you have always been mine too.


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