City Lights

The glittering lights in Vegas can never compare to home.

Now creeping into my mid-twenties,

the love I have for the Bay will never grow old.

I never usually take the time to swim in the midnight skies of the city

To inhale a glimpse of what I see my future self is doing

Where I'm going.

When I look at San Francisco from Treasure Island,

I compare it to the dark atmosphere around it.

I’ve found my true treasure.

I noticed how its city lights always outshine the stars like gravity just decided to let them drop in for a little while

Followed by cars turn into comets flying by one after the other

All together becoming its own galaxy on earth

Where when you reach high enough, 

Dreams are closer than reality sitting on the clouds 

And where reality is just a dream you woke up from.

Looking into eyes of a reflection that is mine, 

sitting there, 

still enough to see the colors street lights dance behind a hectic mind.

Always on the go, 

but never losing that candle stick glitter 

that sparked my motivation to pursue in everything I do.

I wanna wake up to a place I could call home. 

Where rain dropped kissed glass-walls from my apartment separate my future self from the outside world.

Because from now on til then,

I know walking down the streets will never be easy.

There are strangers I knew most tying my bags of my mistakes to my ankles after I poured out my mind of regrets

making walking across the street a game of Frogger.

Keeping my head up was a struggle seeing my tears graffitied onto walls and antique windows transparent to the blank faces I hurt most.

I look down at the ground to try I avoid all of this 

only to see every patched up mistake made fault on the sidewalk

From the many times I felt the earth shake under my soles

From the many times I was digging deep for what I thought was the jack pot

But only came out to be some cracked rock.

After very struggle, I wanna end the day to see the sun sit behind your broad silhouette 

Because your shadows and mine are the only things that seem to listen to me

Secured within golden arms that stretches around

into safety zone 

where my undeveloped rolls of ambitions 

that were only photographed in a dream 

have been finally been framed in a place I could call 



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