I belong to the circus,

a dynamic family

where our tent is loud

and full of light.


Jay is the clown,

putting others first

with earnest eyes

and bizarre antics

that will leave you in stitches.


Amy is the contortionist,

showing us how to bend

and when to give,

with the quiet dignity

she wears like a cape. 


Pay is the dancer,

twirling through life,

leaping and spinning without a care 

as long as there is a spotlight in her face

and a crowd at her feet.


Dave is the ringmaster,

playful and commanding,

urging us to leap through hoops

edged with fire

in order to sate his desires.


I walk the tightrope,

a delicate balancing act

where one misstep

leaves me falling through empty space,

but my safety net is always there,

each circus member grasping a corner,

ready to throw me back up

where I belong.


This poem is about: 
My family
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