Circuit Board Love

So this is how we miss

Losing each other in each kiss

My dear isn’t it plain

That we were meant to act another way

I will keep you close

But I only need the words to know you


You will not let me drive away

I am not so easy to lose

If only you could loosen your grip

Darling we could be electric

I have always wanted to know you more

And maybe now is the time for us


We could bounce off each other

Instead of just brushing off the static

I know the space is not so bad

If only we were electric

We could be electric

And still keep the fire burning


They say love can blind

But not when we know who we are

As much as I love flesh

I know that there is something more

In that land you refuse to explore

But I will continue to yearn for


My love we could be electric

We could lose each other in a look

Not just a spark of skin on skin

We could be electric

I know we will be electric

And we will fall ever harder


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