Smoke some heroin .

Shoot some crack . 

Get your mind right .

Meet me out back .

We’re gonna settle this now .

Really don’t care ..

Don’t know how .

Forward forward on we plow .

Give it a minute .

Take it a mile .

Don’t have time .

Not even a while .

Smoke some hair onnn

Shoot some crack

Get yourself tight 

Meet in back .


Why we’re here ?

I don’t know ....

Couldn’t care less .

Ain’t my show .

Avoid the stress .

Ain’t a test .

The harder I tried , the more I messed .

Bang bang rat a rat .

Mind can’t rest .

Smoke that poppy 

Snort that leaf .

Get you some help .

It’s all our grief .


Put me in prison .

Lock that cage .

Silly alcoholics.

That’s legal rage .

Stand in the yard .

Take a shiv ..

Home in a box .

Never lived .

So ........

Don’t get caught .

They put you away .

It makes a huge difference .

Where you stay .

Don’t do crime .

Don’t do time .

On the nod ..

Hard to rhyme ..


Give it a chance 

One more time 

Give it a chance 

Yours or mine 

Give it a chance 

One more dime 

Don’t do time

Don’t do time 

Don’t do time

Out of time 

Yours or mine 

This poem is about: 
Our world


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