Cindy Rella ((Once Upon a Time ))

Cindy rella knew this fella ,
Dipped in gold for beauty sold,
Cooked and cleaned yet she dreamed,
Of a kiss that she couldn't Miss.

Her step mothers and sisters,
Remarked with snide that she had no ride,
And no cloathing so she was left loathing,
Until an idea was formed and her heart was warmed.

So with delight she wished on a star
And hoped it did go far,
In quick haste came a taste.

A heavenly fairy who was very weary ,
Bestowed on her a gift of hairy,
A dress made of fur so his heart would stur.

And this fella she loved oh so much,
Adorned her feet with daunting heat,
Slippers of hair that were very fair.

In happily ever after they did live,
With one golden goose and 2 hairy moose,
Or so we thought but something was yet caught.

The fella that she had had married,
In his back pocket carried ,
An old ratty shoe that he had once used to make stew.

Under all his riches and Gold,
Stood someone so poor and old,
So the moral of the story is dont be sold.

What one wish can do for you ,
It can do for another,
So just be yourself and dont imagine wealth.

Things come in due time,
Some with haste and others with distaste.

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