My life has been really bad

But it's no reason to get sad


I have terrible people here

But soon they will fear


Tell me you feel pity 

But if you do, Know I'm witty


I'll hunt you down

And watch you drown 


I act nice for the act

But I'm not, it's a fact


A godmother will arrive

But, she has no similar strive 


There will be no stepmom

But, there will be "umm's"


Ummm is that really Cindy?!

But, until that day I'll be beauty


A beauty full of hatred

But, full of surprises not featured 


My dad once told me a story

But, it was more like a memory 


There was a women who protected 

But, maybe she won't be needed


I'm the godmother she said

But maybe that was a made up aid


For me to feel better and have faith

But I'll clean here and wait 


In time I'll get revenge 

But, now i only plan my vengeance 


I've been treated like nothing

And for sure, they'll get something 


Something that brings them pain

And keeps them insane 


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