Cinderella's Haiku

Tue, 05/28/2013 - 10:45 -- torij15


United States
35° 30' 51.1776" N, 81° 0' 33.1416" W

Two evil sisters
Cinderella, a poor maid
Her sisters prepare

Magnificent scene
The royal ball of the king
The Music like gold

Poor Cinderella
Working her hands raw... At home
She cries as she works

Fairy Godmother
A hope, a dream, wish come true
To the royal ball

Magical Carriage
A glass slipper in the night
Her dreams will come true

An elegant dress
Musical beauty this night
A radiant waltz

The flight at midnight
Prince Charming searches for her
Glass slipper in hand

He finds his Princess
Happily ever after
Once upon a time


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