Cinderella's Epiphany

Once upon a time.. 


A woman name Cinderella wished upon star.


Oh, how she wept and begged to be swept away from her agonizing life. The constant nightmare of living in a life that has no room for love. To be a slave; imprisoned by an evil force to be reckon with. If only-- Oh, if only.. Someone or something can take her away. To save her from this gloomy abyss. If only, she can be set free. 


But alas..


No one came. There was no prince or fairy godmother to answer her troubling woes. Because that's not how the world works. Even though how many times life gets the better of you. It can't be fixed with just a simple song or a magical trip to a ball. 




Cinderella can't just wait for the prefectly sized glass shoe to come around.


No, she had to act. 


And as she got up, with her head held high. She vowed from this day forward, that she must rise. It was useless to just wait for a miracle. She had to meet it half way. Because as long as she waits and mopes, the evil forces would only continue to suppress her. And the last bit of sanity would become corrupted as days go by. 


Yes. She has to be her own prince. Her own fairy godmother. Her own, answer. 


It was this epiphany that would open doors for her happily ever after. 

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Our world
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