Cinderella Meets Snow White

Once upon a time

There lived a girl named Cinderella

She was an orphan living with her Evil Step Mother

She was forbidden from ever having fun

Or leaving the attic

But then one night

She was invited to a ball

It called for only the fairest of all

“That is not for you,”

Claimed the step mother

And demanded she go instead

Cinderella was heartbroken

She cried for hours in the dusty attic

Until a fairy appeared

“Dry those tears,”

She said gently

“For you will attend this ball.”

Cinderella's hope began to grow

“But my step mother

She will know it is me,”

The fairy smiled

“I have a spell for that”

With a wave of a wand

Cinderella looked like a real princess

Flowing dress, glass slippers, and blonde hair in curls

And so she took a pumpkin carriage to the ball

She danced all night

With a princess who's skin was white as snow

And lips red as blood

But then

The clock struck midnight

And the spell wore off

All eyes were on Cinderella in her rags

And she could hear the snickering

She began to run from the embarrassment

But a gentle hand stopped her

“You are more beautiful than before,”

The princess gasped

So they continued to dance

All night and into the morning

Where their happily ever after was waiting


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