Cinderella for a day

Cinderella for a day

as a quincanera queen,

she put on her dress and walked through spring,

oh what a dream.

   Modeling with her court

who where her gaurds for the night,

they gave her the floor

to shine so bright.

Cinderella for a day

put on her crown

and made some wishes

that may be found.

  She stood and shined,

but a guy who entered stole her night.

Cinderella for a day

felt alright

untill the guy became prince charming

and asked for a dance.

They swept there feets across the floor,

as the dance floor cleared

they wanted more.

Cinderella for a day,

had to end the night,

so everyone left,

and they fell at first sight.

Prince charming was always himself

but cinderella for a day eventually went home, 

he still loved her so he called her house.

They lived happily ever after and bought there own house.



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