Cinderella: Alternate Ending

Sat, 08/26/2017 - 11:42 -- hlvp

Once upon a time,

Cinderella found a man

Who cared for her and married her.

Cinderella, for various reasons

Including a traumatizing childhood,

Ran away once more.


Her stepsisters’ taunting words

Her constant abuse from her guardian.

Prevented her from accepting such gratitude from the fair prince.

So, she left him one calm night

This time, leaving behind her ring.


Homeless and penniless, she left the castle.

Where she went back to her stepsisters;

Who remembered who she truly was.

Cinderella was not meant to be a princess;

Cinderella lived for her family.

There she stayed, surrounded in her abuse

Because it’s what she’s gotten used to.


The prince, distraught at Cinderella’s departure

Looked for her for a third time.

He looked everywhere for her:

The town, the marketplace, the motels.

Everywhere but the one place she would least likely be

The place of her sadness and misery.

He spent everywhere looking, until he gave up and left the kingdom

Swearing to come back once he was once again reunited

With his innocent and fragile princess of glass

To which he never came back.


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