Cinderella 2017

Once upon a time there was a girl named Victoria she was the youngest of four siblings. She lived with both parents who were fairly strict and her evil brother. Her two sisters were abundantly independent a lived with their boyfriends. Victoria had social anxiety so she was mainly a homebody living the life of an introvert.  She had a few select friends to hang out with when her brother was being childishly irritating. One day Victoria was checking her group chat and after skimming through all of the Beyoncé references and “triggeredness”; she saw there was a Chance the Rapper concert in Dallas which was about twenty-five minutes from her house. It sounded lit. Even though she was nineteen years old she did not have her license so she would have to go with a friend of hers unless her favorite sister was available. Her best friend Aiden was available to take her so she just had to ask her parents. “Just cuz you over eighteen don’t mean you can come and go as you please you don’t pay no bills up in here! Be back home at ten o clock; and make sure them dishes is done before you leave.” Her mother said. Fair enough Victoria thought, so she called Aiden and let him know she was down. Aiden chose to point out how petty Victoria’s mother was because the concert started at six thirty so they would have to leave out early.  The night of the concert Victoria was super excited she felt like Aiden was an angel good things always happened when they were together. When they arrived at the concert she realized they got seats next to King Bach her favorite entertainer on vine. Victoria enjoyed her night dancing and making sure her makeup was intact; she wore her favorite outfit her BLM hat, black lace shirt with blue leggings and wedge heels to match. During the concert intermission king batch asked to borrow Victoria’s hat to make a short video. Since the video was taking some time to make Victoria ran to the restroom while she still had time. After she finished her paperwork she noticed Chance was preforming again so she got back to her seat. While she was dancing Aiden reminded her that it was getting late and so they headed out once the song was over. As soon as she got home and got on her phone she realized she left her hat with King Bach. The next day she saw the new video was posted, of course it was funny but then she started reading the comment section.  People were saying the hat looked cheap, or like it was from the dollar store and just plain hating on it. She decided not to comment that it wasn’t cheap and that she actually got it from Etsy. She just acted like nothing ever happened as much as possible.

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