A lullaby to kiss away the tear stained cheeks of a child
Heart felt melodies with graceful hands and eyes that give comfort like hot chocolate in the winter time
There's something special about a woman's kiss
The beauty in her closed eyelids
Hands softer than a man, fingers shorter in length
Though they grip hard on man's flesh
Too dear to say hello
More like, "How are you?"
"How do you feel today?"
"May I rub the scales off your back and dress them with silk?"
Sweet Fems, Sweet Phenomenon
So gentle and concrete
She can smooth out the roughest sandpaper and make it feel like lamb
A Woman of Gratitude, More like Gravity
Small sneezes of achoo echo 'I do' to men with little virtue
Come be healed by her stories of Wonderland without the Alice
She'll tell you what fairy tales sound like under scuffed linoleum on bathroom floors
And remind you of the dreams to waltz on glass



The imagery in this poem is amazing. I could see clearly everything going on, and even hear the voices that were speaking.

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