I've changed, I'm done

I cut my hair and died it 

I've changed my style 

but they denied it 

she's gone, it's over as I once thought

but now I'm stronger 

so I'm taking this spot 

give me my crown and my staff

your the stepmother 

and I'm the step child

i will ruin you 

before you can run a mile 

get your daughters and your stuff

keep your words and your bluff

my mother may be gone

but I'm 18 

so your done

my hair is blue never blonde 

my eyes are grey 

with the wave of my best friends wand 

fairy god mothers? You don't need em

pumpkins get old

tgey die within the season

i ride in style

a motorcycle will due

 I like black and red 

I also like blue

i will rule this castle

with my mom in my heart

fear me not

only death due us part

my name is cinderebel

and I am your queen

when u look me in the eye

you shall say what you mean.



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