A Cigar's True State of Mind


I am of albinism kind
Wrapped around in sensitive white
Easy to break 
But tempestuous enough to hold frailly back into place
My eyes are burning red charcoal 
My tail the puckering of your lips
My insides are filtered with lies and marketing
Like the poisoning it has done to your mind
To take me in, arsenic 


Excuse my rude aptitude 
As for I have yet to introduce myself
Call me Ciggies, Cigar,
or Fag when in British land
I enjoy roaming around the world in multiples
Lust is my best attribute,
and no sultry red is needed to get you glued
Wanting the touch of your lips 
I provoke for your hands
The caressing as for I make love to your labial physique
Slowly sinking inside of you, I run and dance
Hot and smokey
An all ages x-rated kind of t.v.
Feeding off of you slowly and fiercely 
Like lice suck and puff me in
keep me alive!


Not a prostitute, no 
Although, I too have been thrown around these streets
after you've used and manipulated me
I am just a loyal mistress, here for your service


Temporary but forever 
Clones, all around 
My reproduction
Thousands, in my little carriages
Packages, boxes
Our kind of relationship!
Where I am too hard to get rid
See, I've implanted a zygote in your mind
Our connection, and our creation
A child support, as for you have to pay up
Money and stacks, I am gold digger baby

Don't think of me as gluttony
I am your friend, I am sweet
I am a delusional paranoid freak
Let me hold you company
As for my fumes,
will roam around your face
I am listening, I am what you see
Little clouds of companion, catch me or i'll simply flee

Sorry I am not your friend 
My love isn't cheap, it stinks 
No seriously it reeks 
But I always come back around,
because I always end up winning!

However, my beauty once again is disgusting 
Therefore, I steal away your best genes
Michael Meyer's worse enemy
because I do this shit slowly and undramatic-ally
See, my pal "time" helps me kill you softly
something like The Fugees
And in no time, you'll be put to sleep
With no voice to scream or accuse me
Emphysema, so so sorry
But I'll be with you as you eternally sleep
As for I am wrapped around your coffin
Mocking your expulsion, extinction

And like you once held me, I'll hold your hands
Because instead of a rose, you'll be holding my tobacco leaves
I'll be at your funeral,

just in case you've smoked me

So please make sure you reserve a seat.



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