Cigarettes and Coffee

Cigarettes and coffee

What a perfect brew

A blissful concoction

That’s what you are

You are the burning that fills my lungs

The intoxication that clouds my thoughts

You are the bittersweet taste across my tongue

Lighting a fire, sending surging energy through my mind

I have an unrelenting longing for another burn, another taste

You’re too much for me, I know

In the end I’ll be breaking

My heart, my lungs, my soul are all wasting away

Yet I’ve never so willingly accepted the impact

My demise is upon me, yet I breathe you in deeper

I’m sure to lose it soon, yet I take another sip

Every tempting taste awakens my aching soul

My mind is alive again

Don’t break me yet

Feed my desperate addiction

You are cigarettes and coffee

You are the smell that fills my nostrils

And remains lightly on my skin

You are the warmth filling me from the inside out

Giving me passion for the moment

And zeal for the days ahead


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