I'll write your name on all of my cigarettes so that more than your words can kill me

Because it's always those closest to us whose words mean the most

So lover I'll keep you in my back pocket in a cardboard carton

That way when your word cut deep I'll cauterize them with a 99c lighter

1. 2. 3. 4. Cigarettes later and my heart is charred

It hurts to inhale because I've swallowed so much smoke

But by some bizarre miracle my vision has never been clearer

I can see my fault and your faults and baby I've gotta say

That the cracks in your broken heart are beautiful

And the spaces where you seem incomplete

I'll fill them in

With cigarette butts

So you don't have to carry the consequences

Don't have to inhale the soke and fill your lungs with black

That way if you ever leave I'll just a be a shadow of what was and you can keep going

Carrying those burnt out memories in your heart


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