A Cigarette Taught Me Something


I saw a cat dance off the end of my cigarette. 
And like it, I exist without regret. 
The top shines like a volcano. 
Glowing like lava, shaking its ash. 
It burns itself away, oh, 
Until it’s cashed. 
With the butt between my middle and forefinger, I control Mt. St. Marlboro. 
The power, it feels like home. 
I put it between my lips and inhale the earth. 
Because like this cigarette, I came from glorified dirt. 
But unlike this cigarette, I won’t be put out or flicked away
Every fiber of my being believes there’s a reason to stay
And to say
I believe the same is true for you 
Because unlike this cigarette 
We don’t exist to be used
But to love
And as this smoke fills my lungs this time
I realize 
That we aren’t leaves to be burned 
And our existence isn’t burden
We live to make a difference 
To take a stand for those around us
And although I toss this filter away
I hope by my side you’ll stay.



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