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All I am to you is a cigarette

 You used me this whole time

All you did was feed me lies

I burned up right in front of you

You sat in silence enjoying the view


 You used me for your entertainment

 I couldn't use my voice for an argument 

Towards the end I've got nothing left

Stomp me with your foot and put me to rest

All I am to you is a fucking cigarette


 The things about cigarettes

 I'll devour your lungs

 I'll rot your teeth

Yellow and repulsive

Your breath will reek

 I'll slither into your body and grasp your lungs

 A monopoly I will not let go


  I'll take them and deform them

 Keep taking hits of me, and you'll see

I'll decay what makes you breathe

Now your insides are disgusting like you

Oh, the things about cigarettes  

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