Church Fashion Show

Every Sunday morning 
They wake up extra early
Spending so much time 
Putting on their suit and ties
Putting in their fancy dresses
Broken families putting on happy faces
All for the sake of the show.

So caught up in getting ready
They forget their Bibles
Which only come out on Sunday mornings.
Women too caught up in envy of the other
Men too caught up in envy of the other man’s wife
Inviting smiles to your face
Turn to judging eyes to your back
I guess you didn’t dress the part.

Just like high school
It’s one big cliche
People just trying their best to fit in
Could you even tell me what you learned in church? 
But I’m sure you can tell me exactly what you wore
So come on down every Sunday morning
To the church Fashion show
Where vanity is the message
And arrogance is the new “good news”. 


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