Christmas Time

Christmas Lights, Whose power so bright. But not brighter than the grimaces hung from every face in sight. Joyous music fills the air, Holiday decorations fashioned everywhere. But not a holiday spirit can be found, not here, nor there. Snowflakes a' fall, A busy holiday shopping mall. But not one person found could I call, Jolly. Gift wrapping services all around, Friends and family buying loved ones what they've found. But no smile, only frowns are displayed by the folks here in town. Not a curtesy grin from passersby, A fake "Merry Christmas" from workers, their simple fast reply, Accompanied with no joy, but occasionally with a sigh. Eye contact is something rare, And usually remains a blank stare, A Christmas spirit completely bare, Not containing any glee. Christmas laughter, O' how were you forgotten? Perhaps left in the attic, leaving the Christmas spirits rotten, It seems they do not remember, you're one and only begotten, Son was born this season, for us. Holiday greetings, once uttered from the heart, Are few and far between, in this town with a shrunken heart. 'Tis hard to tell the Holidays even had a start, Here where it seems the people want no part in our Christmas celebration. Christmas joy, love, laughter, and glee, Are not things one can buy at Tiffany's, No money, no job, can simply complete, The Christmas spirit that resides in thee. Christmas spirit is the only decoration, That's missing from this town gleaming with desolation, And shows no sign or indication, Of hope for the joy of Christmas. There is no gift, one could give in this town, That would cheer up a spirit or turn a frown upside down. For money is not medicine for a spirit abounding In greed. Christmas carols echo the stores, While all the folks finish their shopping like chores, Filling their buggies to the very core, But yet they’ll always feel empty, and in want of more. A time to show love, a time to be merry, Has become so lost in a town that’s so very Wrapped up with anger and so voluntarily, Retired from Christmas joy. Bring on the Scrooges, bring on every Grinch, Show them what they’re missing, and redecorate every inch Of their hearts that they’ve shrunken with just a pinch Of the Christmas Spirit that they’ve left behind. Greet them with love, and kill them with kindness, Or perhaps ‘tis not that easy, a battle of the opposite-minded, Won by a Christmas Spirit that cannot be blinded, By a simple Christmas decoration. Fill the streets with laughter, and their hearts with love and glee, Let their Holiday greetings, like their “Merry Christmas” be, Once again restored, for all the town to see, The love they had forgotten.

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