Christian commentary and my reflection

It seems we've got it twisted

and we put ourselves into a sweat

you'll get it later

and suddenly the Scriptures she used to justify and hide behind

behind all our lies

we seem to forget that its delivery not digorno 

you lie you're going to hell

but me its not really a porno.


O my God im about to come to a point.

But its holy.

God made it duh.

But when did Microsoft become the word.

Easy enough to copy and paste until God's word

is to my liking and taste.

Suddenly we created the rules.

As if were God ourselves.

I’m sorry but I hate the religion
Stuck and stuffed by all these rules,

don’t you remember Christ was a people loving Jew.

Now I’m surrounded by What would Jesus Christ do.

Did you forget he wanted to love people to?

Jesus wasn’t a Christian and Christ isn’t his last name.

Because he was about his Fathers business, and he came to save.

First the Jew then the Gentile.

So how did it become that we are no longer gen-tile.

You know with Compassion.

Everything we did and said

was with a loving action and

we remembered our sins.

That Jesus was disfigured and injured

so that we could be covered through his pain

we discovered love.

So don’t we owe others the same.

Here I claim I am unashamed,

yet if the Messiah were here would I be a pharisees.

I’m sorry it was a profit.

A little on the side.

So everyone can see the money that I tithe.

Every Sunday without fail.

yet I only give 10%,

so my fancy church can prevail.

This beautiful building I sit in.

Suddenly these rules made my God a religion.

And I cant be human.

Instead I'm holy.

Rules say I cant do this, and

God forbid I say I’m sick of this shi... feces.

No hanging around those people

you know sinners.

Their tainting, lying, dying, scum.

Seems I forgot I used to be one of them.

I have a faulty memory.

But can you forgive me?

I’ve noticed you liked bringing up the past.

Search my computer, history page on blast.

To the point Id rather just confess to murder.

But it seems we’ve already done that with the crucifixion order.

Thief, Jesus, Thief.

Yet when you deny me you deny Christ.

Because he is the way the truth and the light,

not just for the privileged ones.

Because every knee shall bow.

Another thing you forgot?

I always thought it was about the relationship.  

Of a God who loved me enough to do away with it-

his son.

And for Jesus it was hard.

"Lord take this cup"

but your will be done.

So fill me up.

Because if we don’t then who will.

God I stand before you and I messed up.

Maybe for you it was always the feeling.

When the Spirit entered in,

it seemed you where healing.

And this status was amazing.

I mean Grace.

Simply put I thought my title raised me.

So there’d be no need to praise the King.

I’ve been in church so suddenly I’m exempt.

So I can put you on trial, judge you and find you in contempt of court.

Hide you away, maybe you remind me of the old me.

And if I can hide all that I wont have to face reality

Its fair to see I was a pharisees.

But if you can take these hands-

mold it, break it, make it, take it, its yours.

Because someone has to do your will.

Because you’re a God of compassion.

So I’m sorry.

I cant even fathom the fraction of the pain that we caused.

Though I don’t understand the cliques that’s begun.

Use me and thy will be done.

On earth as it is in heaven.

Protect me as I go out into the field.

Cover me as I go into the world.

Because if we don’t then the rocks will cry out.

And gone are the souls you died caring about



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