Chris Wise - Ghetto Gospel


Ebbets Field Apartments
1700 Bedford Avenue
United States
40° 39' 54.5184" N, 73° 57' 25.4808" W

Elevating from wilted lettuce 
Italian dressing 
To purple kale with the sweet potato vinaigrette

It don't make sense 
But neither does frying chicken 
How'd you like it when the judge fried your cousin for his so called crimes 

We only selling crack cuz it's hard to sell rhymes 

I'm goin 

I'm goin 


The lack of food got us living rude 
The lack of food got us living cruel 
They ruthless with the chemical warfare 
Niggas carry guns not cuz they strong but cuz they all scared 
Who put the fear here? 

Footsteps in the dark make my heart stop 
Footsteps in the dark make my heart stop 
Footsteps in the dark make my heart stop 

Homie asked if I knew where to find the sticky 
I wish 
I just wield the key to freeing the masses 
I'm on a path to the Masters 
Reserve my jackets 
From Augusta with gusto and blunt smoke 
To the NOLA in Magnolia saying prayers for the soldiers and Soulja Slim 
I'm bolder 
Born in the February cold under a boulder called Jim Crow 
Parched on 106 watching the minstrel 
And fuck Viacom 
Ima say it again 

I was born to tell the story from the nigger category and I hope when I flip this shit up they gon build a statue for me and let the kids know 
I made a difference 
I ain't stand in front of this mic bullshittin' 
I gave you truth about what I go through 
Being in the club blowing $20 on two shots to be left with two dollars and I don't even drink 
I really want a dub but all I can do is think 
Who I am 
Where I've been 
Where I'm goin and how to get there quick 

And on this ghetto gospel Sunday I finally understand this: 
You only get what you give 
Meet God halfway 
Step to the mirror and repent for your sins! 

The voice for the fallen 
Shoulder on which you can cry 
Dollars I cannot provide 
Follow your dreams to the sky 

In this life 
You only get what you require 

I scribble scriptures 
Fuck a wish list 
It was Christmas when you realized what you wanted outta life 
But we selfish 
Takin' selfies 
Pounding Coronas 
I spent my check on the corner 
Coulda gon to California to behold a greater sun 

Parenting is science but niggas is having kids before passing living environment 
Relationships with no chemistry 
Solely centered on physics switched from energies to enemies 
I'm literally Keanu in Hardball with my back against the wall 
eternal glory or a hard fall


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