Chosen A Winner

Since the beginning i've been speechless

Wondering while creeping

Figuring out who I really am

Nah I'm not sad 

This is nothing but a seqence

When I finally put pen to paper

Writing became my savior

It wiped away my tears 

And restored my heart

Made me see again

And pushed me out of the dark

It rephrased everything

And made me competitive

Made me feel great for once

I wish this was repeatitive

At a point I lost contact

Then contacted pen and paper again

It saved me once more

I will never go back no more

Not to who I was back then

Now that I'm rescued 

I'm better than ever

I can stand on my two feet

I was chosen winner

All my fears and insecurities 

I can eat them for dinner

I should have known all along 

I was chosen a winner


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