The Chosen One vs The Arch Demon

Once Upon a Time...

there was a young boy of great valor and courage,

who earned himself rightfully an adoring entourage

for his brave actions and great physique;

and in mentality and physicality he was always at a peak


In legends past it was oft told,

that a sword would a brave child hold,

To slay the Arch Demon of Destruction

Who had become the epitome of Corruption.


The young child, by name Ashen,

Disregarded such legends as a social fashion,

Instead fighting for others

In stead for his brother.

Into battle the young adult rode with shearing pain, sreaming cries, and unfathomable destruction;

For all the bravery and courage in chasing beasts as a lad, nothing had prepared him

For this...

Weapons astray

Orders a travelling

Plans colliding

Barbarains of rose-tinted color

And a shattering of the water-pane

Upon arrival home to sweets and beds,

And telling of the terrors of bodiless heads,

The boy was dismissed from home,

Due to the lack of courage in his spirit's tome.

Thus to war Ashen ran, laying waste to enemies hand-in-hand.

Swords, axes, arrows, and bows were no match for him,

once head mustered the courage to fight for family and friends.

"Who dareth challenge me!" he yelled victoriously over the limp, sleeping bodies of sons and daughters spent.


But the boy grew increasingly aware,

that the problem was not of the barbarians and warriors,

for their blood, afterall, awas his own,

but instead the work of that cursed Arch Demon,

whose head the boy now sought with fervant passion.


Up and down the streets he rode, "where is your arch demon?"

Up and down the city he rode, "Oh, please tell me where is your arch demon?"

Up and down the countryside he rode, "where is your arch demon."

Up and down the world he rode, "where is your arch demon!"

Up and down the moon he rode, "where is your arch demon!"

Up and down the oceans he rode, "where is your arch demon!"

Up and down the sun he rode, "where is your arch demon!"

Up and down the moral he rode, "Tell me, tell me where is your arch demon!"

Up and down the assylum of himself he walked, "where is your arch demon."



Until the Arch Demon had approached,

In the form of ten masses of soldiers of barbarians,

Seeking the blood for nourishment of their daugthers and mothers.

As great a warrior Ashen had become, even ten masses was too much,

And thus he opened the Gates to the Scyllas:

Pride, Lust, Wrath, Sloth, Gluttony, Envy, Greed;

To whom the masses soon fell and perished.

Afterall, seven enemies were greater then ten masses.


Their deed done, the Arch Demon slayed by its own devices,

Ashen turned upon the Scyllas, sword hand-in-hand.

"Only the virtuous may pass you unharmed,

Hence this battle may be akin to a boulder against water-pane."

But the fury and wrath to smite them was then equally matched by Wrath,

His pride in family and honor turned to Pride,

In turn, he turned to them, and they to him.


"How am I to destroy you if I cannot even raise my sword in rightous fury!" he demanded.

"Silly you," Pride teased, "only the Chosen One may destroy us!"

"But I am the-"

"Only one can be so powerful in combat-"

"I had to became powerful for others!"

"-slay others with such impunity-"

"I had to serve my country!"

"-destory families, sisters, mothers, brothers-"

"I had to defeat barbarians!"

"-devastate the countryside in an egotistical search for power-"

"I had to defeat the Arch Demon!"

"-and open up the Gates of Hell to slaughter others."

"All people mess-up, we all sin! God will forgive me!"

"Though God only forgives people."

"I am a pers-"

"Isn't it obvious by now?"

"I am the chosen -"

"Give it up."


And upon the water-pane he saw the shining-silver armour of a great knight become indistinguishable from the blood-spattered horned Arch Demon of legends past.










Wow, what a terrible lump of TRASH!!! Can you even poetry?


can you even poet*

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