Choose Right

If I had the power to change any one thing
I’d change mans right to choose if I could 
I’d eliminate mans choice to do an evil thing
So that the only thing he could do was good
Wasn’t that the way it was meant to be
In Eden, God’s bountiful and beautiful garden
Were it not for man and his eating from the tree
There’d be no fall or sins to be pardoned
There’d be no need for Noah to build the ark
To save man and animal from the flood
The red sea Moses wouldn’t have had to part
And need for Jesus to come and shed his blood
No enslavement of the African
No holocaust for the Jews
No bombing of Hiroshima Japan
No land for Native Americans to lose
Man and his right to choose an evil thing
Versus him only being able to do what’s good
Would have saved the lives of Kennedy and King
A life of good, I know we could
Still rule and govern this land
And have a much better and beautiful world
No repressive state from the governing of man
No degradation of women and girls
And man can still govern and have dominion
But without the ignorant and evil brood
And good would be mans only opinion
Killing would only be the animal for food
Not out of anger, ignorance and greed
For only love would rule the day
No homeless or hungry to house and feed
For this day I can only pray
And so the question is can it be done
And will we see it in our lifetime
Or am I alone; am I the only one?
No, the choice is both yours and mine!


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