That’s all life boils down to,


to say what’s screaming in our heads, or to remain voiceless

to commit memories deep within ourselves, or forget them

to act upon what we believe is right, or push those actions aside

all in the hopes of making the right choices

Sometimes the choices we make can be dangerous, deadly even

yet, here we sit or stand

we still make them, commit ourselves to them

like some sacred marriage of thought carried over into action

regrets? maybe

but often times we forget

more often than not these deadly dangerous choices are what define


what makes you- you

makes you human

Other times we choose to make great decisions

though usually this is unknown to us

we wont recognize this until

the end

the reflection

the why

then it is that you come to realize the greatness

As people we have both made choices,

some deadly and dangerous 

but others, that were great.

Though often times we like to think about

harp on 

the bad, but you must remember 

always remember 

these are the decisions that led you here

caused you to surface

your true self


towards the ability to make great decisions

towards the ability to no longer regret

but embrace

embrace your dark and dangerous

and deadly side

 embrace your past as it comes to you 

through haunting dreams

through flashbacks

but also

embrace your future,

our future

though it is sure to be filled with all of the good and bad decisions 

enough to makeup a lifetime 

in fact 

when that lifetime comes to an end

be sure

be comforted 

knowing you will surface 

you will surface with the abilities to embrace it all

the good and the bad 

the deadly 

the dangerous