To run and risk or walk and wish

Which of these paths shall I choose?

Safety, security, a sound little life

Or dreams full of things uncertain?


They say "stay here close by the water's edge

You're sure to keep a roof over your head"

But deep down inside how I want to be

Uncautiously drifting out to the sea


What kind of life will slowly arise

From a road short of it's passions and pride?

Provision on one path is dancing along

But how will I move without a clear song?


Decisions, decisions

My heart is at war

My brain loudly screams

"Will you pick the right door?"


There are few people out there

Straddling this ledge

You won't find much company

Saying, "go on ahead."


So in the end

It's all up to me

Will I stand by still waters

Or swim in the sea?


Life's full of choices

Both good and bad

But I'd rather reach higher

Than wish that I had.



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