Who do I blame for my failures?
My indecision.
My choices. 
My brokenness
My heartache. 
My confusion. 
My lost. 
My anger. 
My insecurities. 
My hurt. 
The lowest common denominator in all of this is Me. 
So I blame me. 
So now I ask you?  
If I can take responsibility for my life choices why can't you do the same. Unfortunately you're hell bent on needing someone to blame. 
You're constantly rambling about your past indiscretions. Holding on to pain instead of turning it into a lesson..
learned behavior. 
Daunting memories choking your childhood victories. Staring at a reflection in the mirror that somewhat resembles me. 
Furious because your goals I can't achieve. 
Struggling for accomplishments so on to my shadow you cleave. 
I'm not you. 
So let me breathe. 
Let me walk down the path of obscurity. Connect with my past and allow it to free me. Break out of the prison that youve carefully built for me. 
Reach in to blankness and create. 
Crawl into my passions and masturbate until I release...something beautiful. 
My truths consist of both failures and victories. My eyes echoes tones of visions that was sent to me as I layed quietly sleeping through this life. Reminding me that I'm more than a day dream...i have a destiny. 
A promise. 
A door to knock down and grab hold of opportunity. I will not allow my circumstances to be my compass. Carrying me to dead ends, hopelessness, and buried aspirations.
I choose to accept the hand that's been given and win. I choose to win.


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